2011 — 2013

Lionel Sonkès commissioned us with the creation of a unique optician shop in Brussels. Using the available space optimally, we managed to include long tables, confortable seating areas, custom-made lightening fixtures, a counter as well as ample display shelves in the shop’s rather small surface area.

The specificity of this project is the remarkable, harmonious and elegant mix of three materials: honed Carrara marble for the wall-mounted shelves and for the pedestals in the box-like open displays which blends into the ever-present oak wood (grey-white brushed for the wall coverings and reclaimed grey oak for the floor, laid down in a herringbone pattern), and the leather and bronze in dark hues introduced in order to lend the space a somewhat more masculine character.

Outside, the facade was completely redesigned with thin steel window profiles, clear glass on the ground floor and oceanic glass on the first floor. The shop’s awnings were removed to allow for more natural light.

The interior offers a welcoming atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, combined with a sense of warmth and comfort. Luxurious materials, along with bespoke furniture pay tribute to the optician’s long history and reputation, which has been selling high-end and custom-made spectacles for over 20 years. Project icw Marc Merckx

Photographs — Thomas de Bruyne