OV House
2017 — 2020

For an architect, Thomas Ostyn is not your average client. He’s the third generation at Obumex, a renowned Belgian company specialized in high-end millwork and kitchens. When Thomas bought a plot of land in the green outskirts of Bruges to build his first house on, he already had considerable architectural experience. "I wanted to work with a young and talented architect, who accepted my input for the interior details and finishes,” says Ostyn. Brussels based architect Nicolas Schuybroek, accepted that special collaboration. Internationally known for his timeless minimalism, he produces soulful pared-down architecture with an extreme sense of tactility, spatial poetry, warmth and elegance.

The collaboration between Thomas Ostyn and Nicolas Schuybroek was special in many ways. The architecture was in Nicolas’ hands, but because of Obumex’s know-how in customization and materials, Ostyn wanted to co-decide on the interior finishes. "Our synergy was a permanent dialogue,” says Thomas. “The result is a house in which we added texture and warmth with a limited palette of materials: muschelkalk, sandblasted aged oak and metal." Given the countless possibilities at the Obumex workshops, it’s fairly remarkable that Ostyn pared down the amount of materials. "For me, a house is a place to relax with my family. So I didn’t want visual excess here. That’s why we kept the monochrome palette simple and consistent. I stayed true to my own taste, to the environment and to the lifestyle of our family."

Photographs — © Ambroise Tézenas — Koen Van Damme