JR Apartement
2012 — 2015

Located in the 6th arrondissement in Paris, on a busy street near Montparnasse, this apartment hadn’t been restored in over 40 years.

We completely transformed the layout, inverting the location of the kitchen with that of the bathroom and created a large living space from what had been three small rooms. At its heart is the kitchen, wrapped in brushed oak paneling with a sculptural marble counter at its center and a glass partition to let in natural light.

Materials were kept to a strict minimum. Carrara marble was used in the kitchen for the island as well as for the flooring, where it was laid in the same chevron pattern as the wooden floors in the adjacent living room. Residue pieces were cut into square tiles for the bathroom floors. Identical stained oak was used on both wall paneling and built-in cupboards. The elegant finish touch consists in vintage French furniture and Scandinavian lighting classics.

Photographs — Stephan Julliard