Obumex Signature Kitchen

Over the past 25 years, Obumex —a Belgian company founded in 1960 and aiming at high-end interiors—has crowned their offering of sophisticated custom kitchen realisations by engaging in high-profile collaborations with top international designers, resulting in unique and limited-edition kitchens that defy the boundaries of imagination and technical conventions.

In this exclusive and first collaboration with Obumex, Nicolas Schuybroek designed a truly unique Signature Kitchen which exhales a sense of profound serenity and yet, feels warm and authentic due the singular material used throughout the concept. The Signature Kitchen, which will premiere during Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, will be the first contemporary kitchen design entirely finished with tin.

As a starting point for this design, Nicolas Schuybroek rethought the block-like typology of a kitchen island and transformed it into a dynamic shape, resulting in carefully proportioned shifts between the sculptural blocks. The design has been conceived as derivative of the studio's architectural typologies, and grants different views and perspectives around all four elevations, reinforcing the concept of a kitchen island as a functional sculpture.

The tin cladding, wrapping the entire volume, offers a high level of tactility paired with softness, which contrasts beautifully with the minimal geometry of the island. As tin gains a unique patina, the esthetics of the kitchen will beautifully evolve over the course of time, resulting in each and every kitchen to be unique.

Photographs — © Eric Petschek © Thomas De Bruyne