Aesop Milano

Ahead of its official opening on 5 May, the latest Aesop Milan store, located at Piazza Cordusio, will be transformed into a sensorial showpiece by Nicolas Schuybroek from 16–21 April. Using Aesop Bar Soaps as its primary material, the structure finds foundations in a core design principle that has guided Aesop throughout the past 37 years: that every design decision at Aesop begins with a deep reverence for the formulations themselves.

Throughout the meticulously ordered grid formation, small rectangular cavities guide curious gazes to films devoted to the sensorial world of our products. The space leads on to a mysterious center point that will act as a stage for an experience combining poetry, pragmatism and performance.

Amid the muted calm of Nicolas Schuybroek’s structure, an Aesop therapist will enact a performative—and informative—treatment. This soap opera, of sorts, will illuminate our unique approach to self-care, the science of the skin and the importance of the senses—with a particular emphasis on touch. Meticulously choreographed movements will be narrated by an otherworldly voice, imparting visceral wisdom.

The experience will commence at 5:55pm each day at Aesop Milano, Piazza Cordusio, 2, Unit 4 (Entrance: Via dei Mercanti, 23).

Photographs — © Romain Laprade, courtesy of Aesop